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The Nomad’s community

co-living – a philosophy of life

A concept dedicated to expats and young workers

Co-living in Brussels is a whole new way of looking at life as part of a community. Particularly well suited to young workers and expats, this cosmopolitan way of life provides the perfect blend between a truly unique rental experience and living somewhere that offers a chance for you to meet people and exchange ideas and cultures.

Easier to meet people

Nomad’s and its co-living concept is the perfect balance between working and social life. You can enjoy quiet areas to read or work undisturbed, while at the same time sharing meals, outings and activities with your fellow tenants.

Enjoy a great way of life

You’ll be living in a lovely house, furnished with good taste and featuring everything you might need. All you have to do is unpack your suitcase in your room and start enjoying your new life in Brussels.

A flexible lease

As a co-tenant, you are not tied into the same type of lease that you would be if you were to rent an apartment of studio. We make it easy for you to starting renting with us, as well as to leave, keeping admin to a minimum (no complicated breakdown of charges when you leave, you can extend your lease if you want, etc.).

Time for yourself

All you need to think about are your room and your meals – we handle all the rest for you. We even take care of the cleaning and maintenance of the communal areas.

Our values – the way we see it

Co-living is also about sharing important values. We always aim to create a sort of symbiosis at our co-living houses. As a result, we are looking for people who, while they are different, are also like each other.


Being multicultural is a major part of co-living. So, wanting to find out about others, their culture and their beliefs is essential. Co-living presents an opportunity for you to expand your knowledge of the big wide world.


Living as part of a community means respecting others and the space that you all share. Which means it is important to be careful when you use the equipment and facilities we make available to you.


It is important to be open-minded and to share your knowledge, your culture or even your network. This will allow you to create strong relationships for the rest of your life.

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